Monthly Archives: October 2012

Wednesday 31/10/2012 Trick Or Treat

Happy Halloween, here is a scary story, sort of. I woke up one day to find my bike lock jammed.         I woke up one day to find my bike lock jammed.Trying to unlock it with the key ,I twisted so hard the key broke. I ended up requesting to the building manager […]

Bike Jacking And Other Character Building Experiences

Woke today to find my bike frame safely locked onto the bike rack on the street. Just my bike frame, with my front and rear wheels missing. So I screamed and cursed in English and Spanish until Liz gave me a hug and held me till I calmed down. I told her I would be […]

Poetry Bike Brake

Sorry I have been so quiet. Taking a short brake to do some training and planning for the big adventure. Don’t have an exact date yet but maybe after the lunar new year. At least late February 2013.   For now, enjoy some of my old poetry. This one is also about romance and bikes. […]

Happy Saturday, great day to write some poetry

Nice waking at my friends house on a Saturday morning. Knocking out some poetry for all of you wonderful readers out there. Don’t forget to get away from the monitor and go out and be inspired. Surrounded by Tomatoes BY Stevie Elepan In the garden the sun rises as late as the inhabitants of this […]

Dirty Loving

Here is a blog sent to me by a friend you should check out. It seems to be about embracing the pretty and the ugly and all of nature around us.  Many folks fear death but we all do it. Some reason we think that’s just the end but we are all part of the […]

Hump Day Update 17/10/2012

Today at noon I found myself with 150 dollar problem when my key to my bike lock broke off with my bike locked up on the street. First major expense in my little project.  No one said this would be easy. If it was going to be smooth I probably wouldn’t me so excited. Thanks […]

Home Made Video Games, Like Mom Used To Make

A friend of mine exposed me to a little game called Homeworld 2 and I wanted more. I started searching flash games like my classmates used to play in high school on Then I discovered that there is a whole selection of independently made games for free or for a small price. Two of my […]

Broken Arrows and 200 Dark Hoarses

Happy Monday everyone. I got  200 views last week so thank you all for reading and sharing. This weekend I rode down to Milwaukee to pic up some archery gear from Broken Arrow. As I rode into town I discovered four blocks of the place is occupied by Dark Hoarse comics. The two full size […]

Weekend Q and A 12/10/2012

Every Weekend I will be answering questions from readers. Read, learn, share, enjoy. Are you using racks or anything? Did you buy clothing specialized for long distance bike trips? Could you post any advice, articles or anything of the like to Bike Trip! or shoot me a message? Also, how did you fund your trip? […]

Humpday Update 10 /10 /2012

Well it is Wednesday  and I have gone about two weeks now with out using public transit. Not only am I saving on hundred dollars a week but I am also getting about fifty bike miles a week. Maybe a a bit more. If it wasn’t for walks with my friend Liz i would bike […]