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6 tips to a happier promiscuous lifestyle

Thou Shall not date those who do not like red wine.Thou Shall not waste time at meet market type dance clubs for that special some one.Thou Shall not let a booty call become more than such.Thou Shall always check in for consent as things progress if thou art inebriated.Thou Shall leave first and leave no […]

Bike and Heart Unchained

My bike got stolen so I get on the bus to see some one with a bike for sale. My Girlfriend and I broke up the night before I lost my bike. So the bus takes me by the place we had our first date and third date, her parents , house, her job, and […]

Adventure Is My Grandmothers Firstname

Arkadia: Spanish Pastoral simplicity and happiness. Latin Adventurous My grandmother raised her two daughters alone after my grandfather split. Years later she took my mother and me in. Eleven years later she took me in. Three years later she took me in again. Between then and now I crashed over at her place a lot and spend […]

Dance of Terror

refuge ref·uge [ref-yooj] noun, verb, ref·uged, ref·ug·ing. noun 1. shelter or protection from danger, trouble, etc.: to take refuge from a storm. 2. a place of shelter, protection, or safety. 3. anything to which one has recourse for aid, relief, or escape. For the last six months I have had contact with this girl we will […]