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A Jibaro’s Guide to Buying Computers

I recently had to replace my computer and had to set out on the daunting task of finding a new one. This is only the second time I have ever bought a computer and the first time I have ever bought a new one.  Here we have a great opportunity in finding a computer fit […]

La Novara Forza

Well today was a victorious weekend. Tracking down a good deal on the right bike is a real challenge on Craigslist. I have so many options and so much research to do and all of it has to be done fast. It felt like a high stakes game since I would me letting go of […]

No matter how s…

No matter how shitty things may be right now, some one out there is not a dick to you. No matter how groovy things are right now, some one at some poingt kind of helped you get here

Sala de conciertos… hinchable

Sala de conciertos… hinchable.

An Open Letter To All Talking About Miley Cyrus From Stevie Elepan

PLEASE STOP IT. Thank you for your time. -Stevie Elepan P.S. Some girls just want to have fun.

You can go your own way….

I don’t Know where this from ,but man, that is how I felt on my ride. This is what it will be like on the real one.

Real Talk 01/10/2013 OKstupid

Real Talk:  So since I move to Portland a very good friend suggested I get on OKcupid which is like the unofficial Portland Facebook. I have made some new friends and been on a few dates but most of my meetings have gone wrong. Same dates turned out to be just straight up bigots, one […]