Monthly Archives: November 2012

Tough Love

Love really does not come easy. I think any relationship goes through trials just as individuals do. One of the first trials is surviving each other. My idea is that since its more than one individual the hardship seems crazier and more brutal. Maybe that’s what makes poly relationships so frail. The people I am […]

True Tattoo

Oh man so true.

Land Mines

Even though my personal battles are over I sometimes stumble upon landmines. There have been moments where  its my closest friend and lover that finds them. We can walk away from years of hard times but sometimes the defenses remains. It would do more good to stop and reflect and use your new life for a […]

I learned I am Stardust. A Thanksgiving Lessons

I learned some things this Thanksgiving Day.  The first thing I learned is that I have a low tolerance for Dayquill and what all the gringo kids in highschool were talking about. The second thing I learned was that in this moment in my myth, right now, it is my turn. It is the part of […]

Matt Rhodes, You Are My Hero

Wow this is really an amazing strip. Matt Rhodes has blown my mind. The young man chases a dream and in his pursuit he suffers and grows and becomes greater than his own dream. In the end he is much more than he had dreamt of. He is worthy. AXIOS!

My Rant on WAR

I don’t support any war but yeah you served your opinion still counts. i think the government is wasting lives. Keep in mind I am  speaking as some one from an US colonia where the residential vets don’t get to vote for the president of the country that drafted them and sent them into harms […]

Note to The Defeated

Everything will be alright. It doesn’t matter how hot things get, how defeated and heartbroken you may feel. Even if your numb, apathetic, and lethargic or ambivalent. It will all be alright. You can lay down face in the mud or looking up at your ceiling. Stay as long as you need to make sure […]