Note to The Defeated

Everything will be alright. It doesn’t matter how hot things get, how defeated and heartbroken you may feel. Even if your numb, apathetic, and lethargic or ambivalent. It will all be alright. You can lay down face in the mud or looking up at your ceiling. Stay as long as you need to make sure your not dead yet, that you can feel your legs. Then get up, cry if you have to. In fact cry just to be sure. Times will get bad,  then it will be over and your life goes on until the next bump. Everything will be alright. You will still find reason to smile, to love, create, to wipe your ass put on your pants and brush your teeth in the morning. Everything will be alright. Your not dead yet. Some one loves you and you should to. If your reading this then I love you and I would like it if you trusted my taste on this one. I’ve been where you are and I am in fact as I write this there too. I’ll be here again one day but I’ll remember even sooner that I will be alright. It happens, you work it out, make a decision and move forward.Your not defeated yet. It happens, you work it out, make a decision and move forward.


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