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Illustrating Life One Panel At A Time

Originally posted on The Library Effect:
Enhancing Learning Through Sequential Art It wasn’t until the 1990s that graphic novels increased in popularity and acceptance as a literary expression, when Art Spielgelman’s Maus, a Holocaust survivor story, won the Pulitzer Prize in 1992 and Joe Sacco’s graphic journalism piece Palestine won the American Book Award in…

Funk is not dead.

Originally posted on ▲uto F●cus: Six-year-old B-Girl Terra holds it down. I have been totally smitten (and slightly obsessed) with this sultry, groovy and soulful funk-rock extravaganza.  (Slightly belated) Happy New Year from Tokyo! Song credit: Platoon by JUNGLE

Impresionante video sobre recientes acontecimientos en Michoacán

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A person who ta…

A person who takes their craft seriously enough to begin working really hard at it…is using the same psychological energy as a person engaged in conquest. It’s gotta go somewhere, honey. -K. Hooten


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59 More Slang Phrases From The 1920s We Should Start Using Again

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:
I learned a couple things from the response to my article on slang phrases from the 1920s. Number first: The Roaring Twenties really did have the coolest vernacular ever. However, I also found out that the internet loves the 1920s as much as I do  — except for the overt…

Watch out Portland, I will love the life out of you.

Today I am sad. I realize recently I live in a place where friendship and enthusiasm for the company of others is enough to freak a person out. It breaks my heart a little place that this culture is so cynical and damaged that everyone feels the need to be too cool for each other […]

Booth Babes Don’t Work

This is a MAZEing.

This is a MAZEing. So yeah I am buying this. This is proof of the magic in the world so often missed.

Real Talk: Friendzone

So friends here is a great video some of you should see. You feel you found the right mate but they do not like you like you then check this out and be honest with your self.