Monthly Archives: September 2012

Hot Diggity Dog, I Got A New Sponser

I would Like to give a very special thanks to Hot Diggity for their support.  Hot Diggity is really Portland’s number one dog sitting service but they also serve Austin, Seattle,Denver and Las Vegas. Hot Diggity is staffed by some very friendly and energetic folks that love animals and being outside with your pets. Advertisements


Ah, the weekend is upon me. Saturday morning I plan to ride north and try to find a route south since that is the direction I will be going when I take off in February. If anyone out there wants to join me or knows a route please email today. Go Team Elepan!

Ready, Set, Plan

After a wonderful week in New York City, my first visit, I was ready to take on the task of prepping for my adventure around the USA. In the months that follow I will be looking for support for this enterprise and developing myself physically and mentally. I have never done this and I only […]