Ready, Set, Plan

After a wonderful week in New York City, my first visit, I was ready to take on the task of prepping for my adventure around the USA. In the months that follow I will be looking for support for this enterprise and developing myself physically and mentally. I have never done this and I only really know Puerto Rico so for myself this is a big adventure and a great opportunity to learn.

The idea is to bike from Portland to Miami, take a break in Puerto Rico to visit family and train with ninjas (no joke), then back to Miami where I will go to Key West then back up all the way to New York then head on west to Portland. All along my journey there will be stops at point of interest. I will be learning about alternative lifestyles, adventurous forms of recreation, local festivals and people,  survival skills lord knows what else.

You know what the best part is? You can learn and explore with me without having to get on a bike or leave home at all. Do you know whats even better than that? You will be inspired to go out and see these places for yourself.

So come on and let’s get ready for an adventure.



  1. Paddy · · Reply

    This if fucking epic dude. If I didn’t have to be at drill every drill month I’d join you

  2. Thanks Paddy. Ill be sure to come up there and say hi. Maybe you can ride some miles with me to New York.

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