Monthly Archives: August 2013

This One Is Scared

What is fear? Fear is the mind killer., Where does fear come from? Fear seeps from the unknown. I am scared. The tentacles of fear squeeze slightly on my heart with every step forward I take to this adventure. I fell its hold on me. Yet I move forward. I look at the facts and […]

Without a Pillow

Yeah, I don’t wanna live for tomorrow, I push my life today M.I.A. – Born Free  Today I woke up in a panic. I was in that space between awake and sleep, some call it meditative and some say its a hypnotic state. In this moment before waking a single thought tossed me out of […]

You know whats …

You know whats strange? Orgies. They are kind of strange things to be at.

Freedom is not …

Freedom is not being scared to write a run on sentence.

F@CK B@TMAN! an essay

Fuck Batman! How is he still a super hero we care about? Because he is a symbol of oppression. He represents the white, rich male elite, imperial tyrant that watches over us and knows what is best for society. We grow up knowing him as a crime fighter but what is crime? Does Batman fight […]

Route Update 24/08/2013

After much thought I realized there will be no easy way to bike to Miami. If I go east I have the Rockies to deal with if I go south I have the desert. So south it is, I am going to ride to San Francisco. I couldn’t resist the idea of seeing the Golden […]

Gear Dreams and Starting Fires

I had the dream that confirmed my commitment to training for my adventure. When I laid down to sleep last night I felt like I was biking. When I dreamed it was of biking. My subconscious is engage therefore the whole mind and body are in agreement. No matter what else happens this is my […]

Rageing With Love in the Heart

After a few months living in a homeless shelter in Mayagüez I moved back to the city of Old San Juan. I had gotten a steady square job almost instantly as a dish washer at a little pretentious brunch spot on Calle Sol.  I was in great shape and my Spanish had improved noticeably since my friends […]

See the World and Sleep in New Places

Well I thought I was over with the idea of biking across the country. In a way I am. I have no idea where I will go other than it shall be somewhere warm. I have no mission other than to visit old friends and make new ones. Portland has been a great place to […]