Monthly Archives: September 2013

A letter to Arielle Scarcella

Dear Arielle Scarcella,  I have been following your Facebook post for a few months now and sometimes I catch your YouTube videos as well and I would like to thank you on my own internet space and share your gift and magic with those I love and those I am grateful for. I don’t know how […]

Real Talk 29/09/2013

So here is a new thing I am trying to do. I want to get a conversation started about stuff that are a bit personal but maybe it is one of those things so personal that we should talk about. The best part is I will share and you can choose  to share or not […]

After the free …

After the free food, free drinks, free dope and random hook ups are all gone, then inspiring others can be the only motivation left to write.

Fear Is the Fat :continued from 95 MILES BUT A BITCH AIN’T ONE

After my moonlit piss I climb back into my tent where I waited for hours hypnotized, envisioning my journey to come.  I thought about each muscle that felt sore. I contemplated how best to pull camp and re-pack my gear. I imagined strategies I would employ on the return ride home, strategies such as walking up […]

95 Miles But A Bitch Ain’t One

4pm 19th of September 2013 My 30th birthday had come in quietly. no explosions or breaking of the earth as had expected when i was nine years old.  I bought myself a liter of rum and some friend of mine brought a cake over. It was all the celebration I wanted or needed. After my […]

Obituary 20’s

I have survived three decades. I can’t say I enjoyed my twenties but I guess it was a time of major fuck ups , most of which I do not regret. Lets look at the shit I don’t regret list: Enlisting in the infantry. Getting myself fired by the ARMY. Losing my virginity to three […]

Of all my choic…

Of all my choices, loneliness is the hardest one for me to take responsibility for.

i will fucking …

i will fucking destroy you get working on that shit in space i am not your fucing friend i will take your 5 doller ass and make change This is why no one plays games with me. 

80 ° in the Rain

So September 18th I three decades on earth and would love to share with you my friend  some rum drinks,, groovy tunes and art in a living room setting. It is a theme party and you have to guess the theme. Party supplies are welcomed. It is a 24 hour event so at any time […]

It Takes a Village to make Gods and Heroes

I come into fall with pretty much all my Portland friends moving away. Some as far as Mexico and as near as the north-east side. All my life I have been the last to leave if I ever left at all which was never. I have seen so many friends leave and go on their […]