A letter to Arielle Scarcella

Dear Arielle Scarcella, 

I have been following your Facebook post for a few months now and sometimes I catch your YouTube videos as well and I would like to thank you on my own internet space and share your gift and magic with those I love and those I am grateful for. I don’t know how or why but I feel you really take charge in bringing up some discussions and topics about acceptance, love, respect, for not just others but for the self as well. I am really glad you and your family takes the time to manage an open forum that seems intent on prompting the previously mentioned values. Although it would seem your audience is primarily LBGTQ, and any other letter of the alphabet I am missing, It has impacted me and empowered me a bit. Self loving and self acceptance are not easy for me. I thought moving to the states that would change, and I have made great improvements and learned to cope, but I feel I am not where I should be. Sometimes your discussions and your videos resonate with me. I even try some of your task. Thank you very much. I hope you reach out to as many young people as possible and keep doing what you’re doing and having an impact. There is a lot of ugly in the world but as long as there is kind and motivated people out there creating things of beauty then there will be relief and refuge for everyone that needs it. Keep on shinning and keep on impacting in such a positive way. I thank you for the impact you and all your viewers that participate in discussions have had on me. Gracias y vendiciones. 

-Stevie Elepan


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