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High Context/Low Context Culture Clash in Diagrams

Originally posted on Musings from an American-Nepali Household:
I received a funny email forward today, so I thought I’d share some of the diagrams with you. The concept of “high context” and “low context” cultures was developed by British anthropologist Edward T Hall in his 1976 book Beyond Culture. His ideas were discussed at length…

Nor Paper Boy, Nor Astronaut

I was just getting off my shift at the deli when I saw my recent ex-girlfriend and her new partner in my store. For almost a year I wondered what would happen if she ever walked in. I finally got the answer to that question. Mild anxiety attack, I flipped out and ran for the […]

Real Talk 11/21/2013 Facebook relationships

Real talk. Well I would have been a big boy today. I asked my ex to stay away from my job because it feels like my space and I friend broke up with some one I still kind of want to be with but no its bad for everyone involved. Only thing i did it […]