About Stevie Elepan

Stevie Elepan, born Steven M. Elepan II, stepped out into the Portland International Airport parking lot on the 26th of May 2011 at 1132 hrs. His first words were “Oh, shit. It’s cold. I should have put on socks.”
He arrived with an army duffel bag and a backpack. With the exception of two brief visits to United States it was his the first time out of Puerto Rico.
He was greeted by his benefactress and only contact in Portland, Hunter Sunrise.
In ten days he had a job at a prestigious supermarket. In ten more he had his own place on the Northwest side of the Willamette, a nice neighborhood near Burnside Ave.
Before two months had passed he met more fascinating people than he ever had his whole life previous to arriving in Oregon.
Inspired by the beauty and endless new possibilities of his new surroundings, Stevie Elepan picked up his pen and started to write.  Probably the greatest work he had ever produced on his own in his whole life. Maybe it is not the best in all human history but certainly a personal best. However it is best left for one to decide for them self.
Stevie Elepan enjoys long walks, talking to strangers (especially young vagabonds and people on the train), porn, comics, hard cider and learning new languages. He has only ever had one girlfriend and has never gotten a tattoo. You can usually find him riding shotgun with his best friend Hunter or roaming the streets of Portland solo at night.
If you encounter a man howling in the middle of downtown between Broadway and 18th chances are it is Stevie Elepan.
Stevie Elepan, gentleman, poet, illustrator, late night howler.


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