It Takes a Village to make Gods and Heroes

I come into fall with pretty much all my Portland friends moving away. Some as far as Mexico and as near as the north-east side. All my life I have been the last to leave if I ever left at all which was never. I have seen so many friends leave and go on their own adventures and I always felt left behind.

Halo Legendary logo Black by ~ZANRAMON

This time is different. This time I will fly and fly on my own. My friend Hunter gave so much that most folks that I tell about him think I have made him up. He is the legendary hero that made it that I could live my life on legendary. He made a gamble on me and I would like to think we both won. Thanks to him I have been exposed to a whole new world and a whole new set of people. I have new stories to tell and new ears to tell them to. Rich or poor I will go home worthy.

No heroe did anything alone. Odysseus,Onorata Rodiani,Don Quixote, Ganges Khan, Moses, Che Guevara, Joan de Arc, Captain Janeway, yes and even Hitler, all of them had a team, all of them were victorious because they had support. Although they live on in our myths they were but the instruments of the goals of their tribes. Their accomplishment was belief in themselves and giving the right people reason to belive in them. Love of something guided them but being love fueled them. The gods know this and they know they exist because the people have made them. Humanity created the symbols of its own epic benevolence and infinite cruelty.

The Nazis failed world conquest because they did not have the love of all of humanity. They did not have the love of all humanity because they did not love all the world. Economics were behind the whole thing but in the mend men and women fought out of love.

Onorata fell in battle but she led the way to save her hometown and was victorious. Even after decades away from home she fought with love and killed with the heart to save her home.





it is the masses that choose which god will live on and which will die.

It is the people who shape the divine and the wretched, the angels and the demons

it is the people who choose their champion and shape them

it is the squire and the support team that makes the heroes journey possible.

a heroe is at the mercy of the people and they will crucify or celebrate you.

We should be the heroes of our myth and praise every meeting and everyone one who has helped us stay on our journey, be it a bag of rice or a free one way ticket to another city a third of the way around the world.

So thank you all. This life has been on hardcore mode and I will keep playing it on legendary. Thank you all. Gracias a todos.



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