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“God knows ’twere better to be deep 15 Pillowed in silk and scented down, Where love throbs out in blissful sleep, Pulse nigh to pulse, and breath to breath, Where hushed awakenings are dear… But I’ve a rendezvous with Death” 121. “I Have a Rendezvous with Death” Alan Seeger. 1888–1916 On my bike ride tonight I […]

Get Vendetta Fit

It was 3am Wednesday when I walked into the gym. It was 5am when I walked having burned more than 800 calories. I ran 5.5 miles, 48 crunches swam 2 laps  and lifted plenty of weights. I rode my bike home and collapsed but I felt great after 4 hours sleep? Here is my secret. […]

Finding Freedom

So I want to have a show in fall. It is going to be about freedom. Help me pic three of my poems that best represent freedom. You can leave a message on my blog or email me at

Province of the Brave

I am sorry to all who had to deal with my crazy rants. I have been a bit torn up inside but I feel as if I am coming around. I good conversation with friends over the last month. This breakup ha been a challenge and a shock, but I know I came out not […]


I feel like I am living out a bit of high school poetry. The kind that’s dark and obvious but sad and full of self pity. “The only life worth living is a life of pain” I Don’t know why she broke up with me or why she wont talk to me but I know […]

More Late Night Poetry

Solo Ride by Stevie Elepan Tears run after songs music of my heart silenced I am numb deaf and blind Heart of gold So I am told but silver tonges are up in value pulled a beast from the wilderness sit him at your table then send him back into the night Seen Shangri-La a […]

You Can’t Be My Girlfriend

Some thing I learned recently is to be very careful with my heart and who I share it with. I have some folks in my life that are worthy of love and and love me back. You have to be very careful not to give all of you to a perfect stranger. Value yourself. Have […]

Reckless Night Ride Poetry

Sorry I haven’t been writing much. The holidays have been crazy especially with me breaking up right before Christmas and then my bike getting stolen on Christmas day. I have been very down and sad but have not given up. Started producing some art work and still working out and dressing up. 3 Miles To […]