My Rant on WAR

I don’t support any war but yeah you served your opinion still counts. i think the government is wasting lives. Keep in mind I am  speaking as some one from an US colonia where the residential vets don’t get to vote for the president of the country that drafted them and sent them into harms way. Even court martialed them for not wanting to get chewed up in Jackson heights. I don’t blame the vets or soldiers. They get recruited young and desperate and no real life experience. if americans want the war to be over the citizens need to end it. wouldn’t hurt if the soldiers took a stand and said no. and some have but we are talking about kids under pressure. A lot of young and brave volunteers having their life wasted and wasting the lives of others only to come home to nothing. I wont say thanks. after 100 hundred years Puerto Ricans is forgotten by its fellow citizens. Its history and struggles ignored for the problems of places like Tibet. I got nothing to say thanks for honestly. But there are people in those uniforms and body bags and those are people they are fighting. Not machines not some video game bad guy not some simulation. It’s not worth it.
HAving spent time at the VA hospital I’ve seen that you keep paying years after the war is over. They take so much from soldiers and their minds souls and those around them. They grind up boys and girls then toss them aside. and nothing is created in all the destruction.
there is never peace and always a greater new and terrible war
the babies born during the last one never know how bad it got because all they see is the end and the retirements and movies with beautiful folks reenacting glorious battles.
the cycle begins all over again
for thousands of years we have been playing this game.
if we love our children so much why are we less hesitant to defend them than they are willing to defend us.
It is a great thing to serve your community. to give to others at your own expense. It is a week thing to let some strangers child sacrifice their life in your name.
more than 200,000 Puerto Ricans have served in every conflict in the last 100 years. even after birth control and agent orange was tested on us we kept signing up or getting drafted in hopes for the american dream.
hell for a better life for our families financialy.
they come back home damaged. they can’t even vote themselves out of a war. the economic pressures give them no choice but to join…. it’s not my place to school anyone.My opinione was asked. and the person I asked is some one I love that serves in the US Army. He’s a very good and gifted young man and I am glad to call him friend.

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