Broken Arrows and 200 Dark Hoarses

Happy Monday everyone. I got  200 views last week so thank you all for reading and sharing.

This weekend I rode down to Milwaukee to pic up some archery gear from Broken Arrow. As I rode into town I discovered four blocks of the place is occupied by Dark Hoarse comics. The two full size Aliens and Predator in the middle threw me off but I put it all together. Apparently Things Of Another World is a comic shop owned by Dark Hoarse Comics. They treated me well and gave me some free comics. Things Of Another World also has a creator discount for published comic creators, including self published.

I finally got myself to Broken Arrow. Service wasn’t that great but they seemed to be busy even though the sales floor itself was kind of empty. I’ll just have to do more research now that I know what they keep on stock.

Altogether it was a nice easy ride and I plan on visiting the town again.


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