Bike Jacking And Other Character Building Experiences

Woke today to find my bike frame safely locked onto the bike rack on the street. Just my bike

frame, with my front and rear wheels missing. So I screamed and cursed in English and Spanish until Liz gave me a hug and held me till I calmed down. I told her I would be ok and tried to hoof it to the nearest bike shop to get my ride rolling again.

After an hour going to wrong way and resisting the urge of tossing my bike in the river I stopped into a mechanic shop and asked Armando, the owner, if he would call me a cab. After twenty minutes of car and woman advice the cab showed up and took me over to Joe Bike on 39th SE Hawthorne Blvd.

Those guys really took care of me and treated me well. I got new rims and new gears. They admired my positive attitude, by the time the cab got me I had calmed down, and thought my adventure was a cool idea. Joe Bike even gave me a big discount  so I was able to splurge a bit more and get a rear rack. Little by little the bike is becoming more and more a super touring bike.

I can not wait to hit the road and see what my bike will become at the end of all this. So thank you bike thieves for teaching me to keep a positive attitude and to face all challenges as though they were an inconvenience than a devastating blow.


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