Wednesday 31/10/2012 Trick Or Treat

Happy Halloween, here is a scary story, sort of. I woke up one day to find my bike lock jammed.





I woke up one day to find my bike lock jammed.Trying to unlock it with the key ,I twisted so hard the key broke. I ended up requesting to the building manager to get the maintenance guy to bust the lock open. We set an appointment for the next day. Later that evening I told one of my coworkers what happened and he offered to cut the lock after work with his bolt cutters.



We get to my apartment and the bolt cutters cut just fine through the U Lock. I would tell the maintenance guy in the morning when he came and knocked on my door to get me, as we had agreed.

The next day I get no knock and think nothing of it since my bike was safely inside. I get a call later that night from the building management office telling me they had my bike and I could pick it up anytime. They got some one elses bike. I called the maintenance guy and told him what had happened. I could hear the silence e of dread on the other end. He had assumed that it was my bike and hadn’t felt like going downstairs to knock on my door.  Ba ha ha ha ha ha!

Moral of the story? Lube your lock, have some sort of clear identification of your bike on your bike, and assume nothing.





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