Holiday Crazy Demands of El Gran Muad’ Dib

What I want for Christmas? What I want from life.

The first thing is easy enough. I want more adventure. All I have to do is keep living life. As far as I know there is nothing more after this life, at least not for me. If I do things just right there may be a legacy. Legacy is why I write. I write because if I cannot pass on my genes to my children or my knowledge maybe I can pass on some stories that will eventually inspire the creation of more adventures and stories. We not special and we are not alone. Anybody that plays RPGs knows that every moment is the moment of truth. Every choice leads to other choices, even after you’re dead and long before you are born. Do your part and leave some notes on life.

I want to go out and explore this big country and beyond. You live on the same tiny island your world perception can be kind of narrow. Books help to broaden ones gaze to the universe outside of one’s skin, but one should formulate their own conclusions.

Adventure may simply mien packing a bag and walking out the door. If you ever feel like bailing out just remember, you are as good as dead no matter what. Do what works best for you but never forget you will die no matter what you chose.

Item number two: I would very much like to live in Mexico or anywhere in Latin America. I really miss living in a place where almost everyone speaks Spanish. I sound like an idiot when I speak it but Spanish is a big part of how I think and see the world. I kind of feel like a dolphin in a kiddy pool without it.

I will admit, it is nice to yell out carajo and conyo late at night on my bike, but I think I do it in hopes that someone will understand my emotion.


#3) I want twenty acres of land just so I can people off it. Not everyone, just jerks. I want so shrub land that I can Terri form. I want a place that may not be much but is a safe place for the ones I love to retreat to. I want to live there like a super villain with my mad super science experiments, working every day and night to change/destroy the world we know it one story at a time.

No promises of heaven or Utopia, in fact I am sure it would be downright hell. Maybe hell is just like Palahniuk described it and all the place need some love, dedication and community. Hell would be a better place if there was a sense of ownership, self-responsibility and consideration.

There would of course only be room for one crazy and that is I, so I know no sane person would join up for that venture. However if I make a haven for life to flourish I know more will follow. Life attracts life and life consumes life and if you build it they will come.

The magic and the superpowers are in every being. Muad’Dib

Finally and fourthly I want to write books in the end and just tell stories and make space for others to come and write or take rest along the way for the way for their adventures. . Everyone needs a chance to rest and I want to have the oasis where I can write and meet travelers. Eventually I will be old to walk and may have start to listen to the adventures of others and record them for the world.

This will be new goal and my new legacy. Until I change my mind in the next ten minutes.






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