(Almost) Everything Grows in Ecuador

The International Man of Teaching

The weekend having just passed back in Canada was Thanksgiving, and so I find myself thinking of food. Copious amounts of turkey, mashed potatoes, pies of the pecan and pumpkin variety, and cranberry sauce are being consumed by friends and family. It makes me hungry and envious just thinking about it. Thus, I find myself looking in my cupboard and debating an impulse trip to my local Megamaxi to splurge on food. This is probably a good opportunity to use my hunger for good and blog about all the amazing food and drink I have experienced so far.

When I first got to Ecuador almost two months ago someone told me that “Everything Grows in Ecuador”. At first I thought that was impossible, but upon further thought it actually makes a lot of sense. Ecuador has four distinct geographical regions: the Costa (coast), the Sierra (mountains), the Oriente in the…

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