A Drunk Note to my sober and hungover self

Dear Stevie. If you are reading this then you have sobered up. You were drunk and crying but you gave yourself a real nice pep talk so here are some things to remember

  1. You are a very kind person with kind and loving people in your life that like and you think you are a person worth keeping alive
  2. You want so bad to give others and happiness that it makes you sad and almost depressed when it feels like you can’t deliver but really a lot of that is not their fault and their own short comings
  3. You are a rare bird. Not special but you are rare enough. You have hurt others but you also tried to love those persons you tried to love and in you ignorance and immaturity ended up doing some damage. Life is full of lessons and as much as you have failed you at least dared to make attempts at things too big for your mind but you still learned something and evolved a little bit
  4. Your current cyinasiam is nothing compared to your realism and you know this life is worth living.
  5. Someone loved you enough to teach you to read and wipe your own ass.
  6. You want so bad to give someone a great childhood and help them have a great adulthood that certain movies make you cry and you have such a hard time whenever you see pictures of missing children and those late night sponsor a child commercials.
  7. Toddlers generally love you.
  8. Eres dulce para los animals y lesbianas butchuas.
  9. I am so lucky to be alive and survive what I have lived and met the wonderful folks I have met.
  10. You are bad ass.
  11. Don’t listen to other insecure individuals. DO not let their insecurities become your insecurities. You are kind and once in a while some one stops to ask your name even though you have a name tag. You are just that delightful.
  12. You like that woman at work. You don’t need to sleep with her even though you kind of want to. You like her so be true to that and feel free to perform acts of love to her like you would to anyone else you love.
  13. Your friends and family are few and scattered but enough that if you could teleport to them you would have hugs as tight as when you last saw them.
  14. Your pain is only part of the whole truth. There is love, beauty, pleasure and happiness. You are different and sometimes it seems wrong but you are not an idiot or a monster, at worst a fool but at best a dedicated and lovable friend.
  15. I love you and so do others.




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