La Novara Forza

Well today was a victorious weekend. Tracking down a good deal on the right bike is a real challenge on Craigslist. I have so many options and so much research to do and all of it has to be done fast. It felt like a high stakes game since I would me letting go of two hundred dollars with no guarantees. In the end I came out on top and scored a 2008 Novara Forza 700c hybrid. The kind the sold at REI. It has twenty-four speeds, and shock absorbers. It feels a little bit heavier than my Schwinn Varsity 700c but the frame fits me a lot better. The tires are slim so that should help me keep some speed. All I have to do is get a new gear disk and a whole lot of lights.

Novarra Forza 2008 700c

Novarra Forza 2008 700c

On my way out there I realized that I live in the place where some of those wild west stories were supposed to place. I enjoyed Little House on the Prairie as a kid and Davy Crockett. The  idea of settling and exploring a frontier always interested me, but it is only now I realize I have been living at the final destination. It may be because I have been playing Red Dead Redemption and watching Hell on Wheels a lot lately. It may be that I have been feeling cocky and have had a bit of a confident swag since I found myself fully committed to this enterprise I am setting out on. Either way, this is close to the wild west I may get.

I have never been a good fighter, I just had plenty of fight in me and I am not the fastest of thought but I don’t stay down and that I will always remember. Whatever happens next year or in the next hour I will work it out or I will die. Both are guaranteed to happen. It feels good to be sure of oneself despite past failures. Today I could have made a bad call, I did my best to make a quick but informed decision. I acquired a six hundred-dollar bike for two hundred dollars. I made the call on my own. Even if it had not worked out I would have had another chance to make another decision and hopefully that one work out. It was a good day and I feel worthy of it. AXIOS!

Red Dead Redemption Poster by AKADoom


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