Real Talk 01/10/2013 OKstupid

Real Talk:  So since I move to Portland a very good friend suggested I get on OKcupid which is like the unofficial Portland Facebook. I have made some new friends and been on a few dates but most of my meetings have gone wrong. Same dates turned out to be just straight up bigots, one even thought it was ok to tell me how much she dislikes Mexicans. On another date I was told at the very start ” Wow this going to be interesting, I don’t normally date Mexicans.” Just for the record I am not Mexican but I don’t know why any one would have beef with some one being Mexican. The worst part is I never went on a date with some one that was less than a 75% match. Usually my dates are an 80% match or better. So it makes me wonder if maybe I too am a scumbag. My relief is that I do not seem to be the only one. One friend of mine dated a girl she met at BLOWPONY, three months later she turned into a monster, but once she came across her on OKC and turned out they were a 99% match.

So real talk what is your OKstupid war story?


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