My First Screenplay

The Long and Deep Still Born Conversion Between Lauren Gorsky and Stevie Elepan About a Film

photo by Lauren Gorsky

A Short Screenplay
Written and Edited By Stevie Elepan and Lauren Gorsky

It is the first of September in the year 2013. The scene takes place in the apartment where she has spent a year waiting for, a now ,ex-lover to return but he remains away. She packs away here belongings for tomorrow she moves out and lives her life as a fully independent and emancipated woman. Meanwhile Stevie Elepan, a mutual friend, drinks rum and coconut water, sitting at the desk of her ex-lover as he writes and looks up interesting thing on the internet about music and movies he enjoys. You can here Gogol Bordellos Supertheory of Supereverything muffled from his head phones. After finding something of interest he turns to Lauren and says.

SE -Hey have you seen that movie Everything Is Illuminated?

LG – [stops and looks to the wall as blank as her mind trying without much effort to recall the film she most likely never seen because LG almost never sees films that are not animated or about deadly pathogens]

SE- The one with Elijah Wood?

LG- No.




  1. Ex lover · · Reply

    Emancipated? Are you suggesting living rent-free In NW Portland was akin to slavery? What the hell

    1. No sorry, I ment living on ones own and pawing their own rent. No living rent free in NW Portland is tits. Poor choice of words.

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