This One Is Scared

What is fear?

Fear is the mind killer.,

Where does fear come from?

The Gentle Giant by *atomhawk

Fear seeps from the unknown.

I am scared. The tentacles of fear squeeze slightly on my heart with every step forward I take to this adventure. I fell its hold on me. Yet I move forward. I look at the facts and they give me strength to pull through. Fear is a drug that makes us feel better when we submit to it. Fear is addictive and the only way to break the habit is to defy it. Fear is the egos bunt weapon. It can save you only when you know that you are in fact in danger, yet even then it can hinder. It can keep you from making that life saving leap, It can keep you from running out of the way, it can keep you from throwing the first punch. Fear activates in the absence of knowledge and understanding. The place one understand and know the least about is the future. Fear is the gate to glory and perhaps victory. Once we pass through it we discover and know and hopefully understand.

I am scared shitless, but I have been scared before and acted and things have at worst not turned out badly as they could have and at best there was great satisfaction and pleasure received.

I am scared but I look to the truth walk towards it.

I will die, that is a promise. It is a matter of when and how.

I am fit and smart enough to handle any challenge, I will survive or overcome.

All my friends and family are behind me on this enterprise. Even If I do not belive in myself there are those that I respect and revere that do.

I will only get the courage to leave all the comforts of my two years in Portland by passing through the gate of fear.

My destiny awaits me. The winds are behind me and fortune ,good or bad, is ahead of me.



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