F@CK B@TMAN! an essay

Fuck Batman!

How is he still a super hero we care about? Because he is a symbol of oppression. He represents the white, rich male elite, imperial tyrant that watches over us and knows what is best for society. We grow up knowing him as a crime fighter but what is crime? Does Batman fight all crime? He does not seem to fight vigilantism, however he does fight the drug trade. The media has done much to demonize the drug trade. Sure the drug trade is full greedy, scrupulous bastards that do everything they can to charge you an arm and a leg for a treatment but sure has hell wont give you a cure. Correction that is the pharmaceutical industry I am thinking of. I was referring to the poor bastard that figures out he will remain a poor bastard and this thought fatigues him, sickens him. The nauseous realization that playing by the rules and keeping on the straight and narrow will damn him, his wife, his children and his grand children to crooked backs and ruined livers. His only achievement will be the the rearing and education of more minimum wage slaves. The awake and aware man, the woman who is alert and illuminated, they say “FUCK THAT SHIT!” and go forth and play the rich mans game of crooked and dirty tricks. They lie, steal, and leap through loop holes that their former masters created and used as a bypass to the top of the food chain.

Fuck Batman!

Who is Batman? What is Batman? Batman a symbol, a burning cross, a swastika, a golden arch and the embodiment of the might and cunning white imperialist rich elite (WIRE).

To understand the symbol let us examine the myth of Batman, let us explore a very biased interpretation of the dark knights story. In doing so one can understand the emotion behind…

Fuck Batman!

Bruce Wayne goes out to the movies with his wealthy doting parents, they are assaulted, robbed and killed leaving the only heir to Wayne empire orphaned. We immediately feel sympathy for this poor rich white boy. How can one be indifferent to any orphaned child. Us the peasants and the lords can not help but want to see the orphaned child protected and cared for. However, us the peasantry are more able to respond to an orphaned child since death is more common among the poor. The WIRE read of death and are amused by death but they almost never know death. They live far from their relatives and cut off most ties with them except for special holidays and not even that often. The young never see the grand aunt or grand parent, nor have a concept of a gran aunt. They never see any cousins of their parents. The WIREs concept of family is very narrow. The peasantry, the ghetto, the ditch diggers and even the criminal see children separated from their parents all the time, the peasantry absorbs the separated child into one of the other unrelated families if the orphan does not have parents of his own. Such things seem rare if not alien in the western part of the American empire. So the child is orphaned and already the masses take him into their hearts. One is almost instantly compelled to sympathize and love the oppressor. It is the Trojan hoarse into our hearts and minds.

Fuck Batman!

Then the child is raised by one of the families servants. The orphaned prince reared and prepped for the throne by a member of the “educated peasantry” The butler Alfred is one of the educated peasantry that takes the orphaned prince into his heart. We are to follow Alfred s example and we shall be rewarded as Alfred has, with a “good job” and the privilege to wait on the masters and not toil in the fields, to be inside in the warm castle instead of out in the elements with the other riffraff and uneducated peasantry.

Fuck Batman!

The orphaned prince, now a young man, “abandoned” his wealth and kingdom. This is his first heroes journey, the one where he becomes a full adult, a true man. But he can never abandon his privilege but he can afford a vacation away from it because his wealth is abundant and safe. We the peasantry must wait a whole year to have two weeks of vacation, we are lucky enough to have the benefit. One of the peasantry may not even be able to afford to go anywhere on that vacation. Vacation often only means not having to be at ones square job and being compensated for the forty plus hours missed. The prodigal prince leaves for years and travels the world to learn how the peasantry tries to make a better life for themselves illegally. The prodigal is outraged by the “atrocities” that he sees and sets to combat them. Atrocities are part of every peasants daily life. The prodigal prince finds himself in a part of his myth that resembles that of Siddhartha, however instead of wanting to alive suffering to peasantry the prodigal prince has a hard on for castigating the criminal.

Fuck Batman!

The prodigal sun returns to his castle, kingdom and wealth. He seeks to clean up the city and fight crime, literally. He combats crime by actually combating those that commit crime. He seen a criminal as first but becomes tolerated then revered by the police. This is similar to the ultraconservative militias of Colombia that do what the police and military can not legally do. He has the best armor, the finest weapons, the most advanced technology that money can buy. The prodigal prince has become the dark night of justice that fight crime. He defends something that can not quantified and combats something that is intangible. His weapon, and driving force is money. He is judge and persecutor but not executioner. Because the criminal and the peasantry kill the dark night holds himself above everyone else. He even stands around on the tops of the the tallest buildings but even with advanced optics would still have a limited ability to observe all that occurred on the street. The dark night holds himself above the very thing he allegedly protects. Unfortunately the most dangerous of all the criminals he peruses tend to escape and cause yet more deaths.

Fuck Batman!

Batman holds society to an unattainable standards, a standards he himself does not even meet. He has no understanding of what fosters crime. His fortune is invested in weaponry as tools of oppression. Batman takes a “corrective approach to dealing with social ills rather than preventive. Batman dose not fight to build a library or create jobs, instead he escalates the level of violence and atrocities. Anyone that has lived close to the drug export and import community knows that for every knew method and technology for intercepting contraband a clever and innovative way to sneak contraband through will almost immediately turn up. Money is a power even the “bad guys” have sometimes, but it tends to be backed free thinking and creativity. The same also happens with weaponry and armor. Surely if the police have a tank the criminal, the freedom fighter, the terrorist, the outlaw, the peasant will find a way to if not destroy it then render it useless. Batman has high tech gear but “criminals” will just become more lethal, tougher and brutal. The very cure that Batman brings causes a great more resistant strain that keeps evolving till either the treatment or the desires finally kills the body.

Fuck Batman!

Batman/Bruce Wayne/ Dark Knight/ Gimp Mask Country Club Dip Shit is just another myth about a white imperial rich elite man that can not sympathize with the people, the peasantry, the workers and the servants. He, like the missionaries and peace keepers, knows whats best for the people and chooses to use his convictions and personal moral code to justify the violence and terror he contributes to the community he protects. He uses fear as a tool to help keep the peace but then fear becomes might. Money and fear rule the land and Batman has the unofficial support of the police and the educated peasantry that serve him. The “uneducated” peasantry or rouge peasantry are made to be aware of Batman. Batman is not a good guy but the very thing he combats. He lets cunning and deadly criminals live to escape and create more terror to justify his own existence and place in society. If Bat man was truly a defender of the peasantry or some kind of cure than why does the city he protect seem to get sicker and drear. Writers that how. Because Batman is a work of fiction. Bah ha ha ha. But seriously Batman sucks and represents some scary ideas. We have plenty of Batman s in this world and they really just fuck shit up and are backed by the government that they own and the money that they make flow.





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