See the World and Sleep in New Places

Well I thought I was over with the idea of biking across the country. In a way I am. I have no idea where I will go other than it shall be somewhere warm. I have no mission other than to visit old friends and make new ones.

Portland has been a great place to heal and learn and better myself. I have gained weight and self-confidence, I have been overwhelmed with possibilities and new hope.

Nothing last forever.Portland will not be a livable place for me economically but I was not ment to be rich. Like a baby bird its time for me to take flight. I do not know what I will find and I am ok with that. I have had two fat and stable years but I can tell when change is coming.

Adventure is calling me and I am almost ready to go. If I was more impulsive Id be gone tomorrow.

I hope my adventuring inspires others to go out on their own adventure. I have been inspired by the adventures of others much like Don Quixote was inspired to go out and fight windmills. Yeah he was crazy but really a gentleman.

For those of you that find a drive to go out there and see the world and are starting out in the USA, here is a resource for finding free or cheap campgrounds.

There is always a place to sleep.



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