I wish I believed in myself as much as others believed in me. I think its easier to accept failure when you already believe the worst about yourself. And trust me, there are more folks out there willing to tell you how you are less then them and can never be better. Its hard to believe anything else when your surrounded by that. When you live in that kind of environment and that society it is hard to advance or meet your full potential. Elephants are put on chains at a young age. They are too small to break the chains as babies but they grow up believing they cant break the chain. Once in a while hairless apes push the elephant so far he goes on a rampage and impales and crushes his oppressor. But he doesn’t stop there, no he goes on a rampage and raises hell for 4 hours before he is finally put down. Next year, the insurance claims are paid and some one gets a new baby elephant. Rinse repeat and rinse.


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