First and Final Strike

The problem with good guys on tv is that they don’t kill when they really need to. The bad guys will rape and beat down everyone and everything but eventually they will just kill their victims. Hope is the evil mans weapon. The good guy just needs to take off a bad guys head as soon as he has a chance. The good guy needs to be more dangerous than his adversary. If that bothers you think of it this way. Robin hood took form the rich and gave to the poor. Maybe not true a story but that everyone expects. Why why can’t the good guy take the life and power from the bad guy and give it to the disempowered. And dammit why can’t the disempowered just turn on the bad guys. It is usually 100 to one. Any ways, listen here good guy. Kill the bad guy and all his hench men ASAP with no discrimination. One they already have dehumanized you, and two they will kill everyone else anyways. Just a thought. And this is all why Terra Nova got cancelled.


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