Ex Girlfriends And Birthday Gift Policies

Vidal : Happy birthday. I got you a gift.

Ex: Why did you do that?!

Vidal: Same reason for anything else. Cause I wanted to. I’m sure its far from the worst thin I’ve ever done to you. So you want it or not?

Ex: ….

Vidal: Also I am a latin person from a small Caribbean island with a strong sense of friendship love and community and being poor also makes a person a little more inclined to give when there is a time for giving and although I may not like you much right now I still care about you little bit and it was your birthday and I can not forget that it  was your birthday and not get you at least a small gift.  So if you want to get mad about it that’s fine. You come from a different class and  culture and so anything is possible. Hell you may turn this into something hostile and negative. I’m ok with that because I know who I am. And part of who I am is a guy that makes a lot of grammar mistakes and gets birthday gifts for his exes apparently. Dont take it personally, im just Puerto Rican

Heart Breaker by Esteban Elepan


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