Get Vendetta Fit

It was 3am Wednesday when I walked into the gym. It was 5am when I walked having burned more than 800 calories. I ran 5.5 miles, 48 crunches swam 2 laps  and lifted plenty of weights. I rode my bike home and collapsed but I felt great after 4 hours sleep?

Here is my secret.

Get a music device with headphones and a playlist full of pumped up beats. Army of Me by Bjork, some Kanye, a little Beck and a bit of Jay Z.


A towel

and the last thing you need is a strong desire for vengeance. Run like you were going to go on a suicide revenge mission and there was no turning back with zero margin  for error.

That is my fitness plan. Three times a week at least. Make sure you get plenty of water rest and food after each session. You will need to rest and replenish electrolytes.

Don’t work harder but work smarter. If you start feeling week or pain during a portion of the work out, slow down or lighten the load. Endurance is the name of the game. Teach your body and mind to fight on and keep working.

Alright that is all I got tonight folks. Good luck and goodnight. Axios!!!

Sucker Punch by ~syn-k


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