You Can’t Be My Girlfriend

fuck you by *Pushok-12

Some thing I learned recently is to be very careful with my heart and who I share it with. I have some folks in my life that are worthy of love and and love me back. You have to be very careful not to give all of you to a perfect stranger. Value yourself. Have your fun and your flings but boys and girls remember you have to prize yourself.

I have been and still am confused as to why I date people and they want to not have along term relationship with me but they want to some how be part of my life. The way I see it, if you don’t like me then you don’t like me and that is that. Still I tend to keep seeing the good in each person I have had a paramour with.

It is good to see the qualities of another but then stop and ask yourself, ” Why can’t this person be my boyfriend/girlfriend?” Make a good, honest ,in depth list. Really ask yourself before anything else gets too deep ” Do I want this person part of my life?”

Remember that your life is your myth and it is others that become part of it. Do not struggle to be part of some one else myth. Your ego will turn on you and eat your brain and you will hurt yourself and your partner.

Respect. Put your foot down. Don’t let anyone treat you less than you treat them. Do not put up with any ones disrespect. Do not let some one seduce you with kindness. If they are not nice to you without having sex with them and tell them to fuck off

Take a stand. When get to the point where the person says they don’t know how to get rid off you or they don’t know what they want with you, do them a favor and make the decision for them. This is one of the very few times I will advise anyone to make a choice for some one else. From my own experience don’t wait on anybody, they have time to make it all your fault. They don’t know if they want to stay or get rid of you then you leave. Leave , wave once and do not look back. They clearly have things to work out and you are not the one to do that for them.

Except your faults and forgive yourself. Do not Let cynicism fester and dominate you. So you made a bad call. At least you have a capacity to love. use some of that on yourself. Not enough for you? Then shed some of that love on those closest to you that have loved you. Most of all love yourself and be grateful for what and who you have. Chances are none of this is really your fault.

There is no shame in loving an asshole, only in being an asshole to those that love you.


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