Reckless Night Ride Poetry

Free Fall I by ~brtl

Sorry I haven’t been writing much. The holidays have been crazy especially with me breaking up right before Christmas and then my bike getting stolen on Christmas day. I have been very down and sad but have not given up. Started producing some art work and still working out and dressing up.

3 Miles To Live

By Stevie Elepan

Down hill in the dark

Riding to life or death

Ignoring anything that screams red

head phones blasting

Blind and deaf

triumphant but reckless

I stop at the temple

and leave an offering of tears

riding on

I gasp for air 

the sea leaks from my eyes

all this beauty and no one to share it

all this beauty and no one to tell it

A perfect moment but who would believe it

a beauty she couldn’t see in me

I ride down 

blind and deaf

Fuck the red lights

Fuck the red signs

tonight I am going to live

even if it means I am going to die


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