Portland To Miami Phase

This will be the first third of my adventure. I will be riding through forest of giant trees, hot desert, and steamy swamps. I am sure some where in between a ring and a volcano will get involved.

Portland to Miami
min 50 miles a day at ten mph 4000 cal a day

Portland to Santa Monica 963.1 mi – I-5 N 19 days
Santa Monica to Amarillo 1,088.9 mi – I-40 E 22 days
Amarillo to Austin 504 mi – US-84 W 10.1 days
Austin to Houston 165 mi – TX-71 E and I-10 E 3 days
Houston to Baton Rouge 271mi – I-10 W 5 days
Baton Rouge to New Orleans 80.4 mi – I-10 E 2 days
New Orleans to Panama City 305.4 mi – US-98 W and I-10 W 6 days
Panama City to Tampa 374.7 mi – I-10 E and I-75 S 4 days
Tampa to Miami 280.1 mi – I-75 N 6 days


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