“What Planet Is This”

Last year I was greatly inspired after arriving in Portland and having new adventures. Now as I prepare to explore the USA on my bike I feel a swell of creativity upon me. I can already tell there will be much art coming from this trip and I plan to share it with all of you. Here is what may be my best poem from 2011. Enjoy."Photo BY Lauren E. Gorsky 2012"




Summer Scars
by Stevie Elepan

The war is over?
There is no place for these guns
The swords go to rust
And this dented shield is tossed
Old summer scars are fading
I am shedding skin
Riding naked with the beast
Bare foot and howling
Between rows of Pinot noir
Longhorns look on, bemused
Strait from the earth’s tit
We feed
On the bright sweet fruits
What planet is this?
Tongue is blue in my reflection
Is this the land of the dead?
I am in this place
In this spot I am sitting
Left behind my corps
Running barefoot in the night
I stink of pine and roses
The war is over
I am light without armor
And as hard as steel



  1. As hard as steel, huh?

  2. Yup, but not what you are thinking Kara.

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