No Hay Romance Sin Bici

“There is no romance without a bike” I have said for as long as I have lived in Portland. It is such a bike city you would have a hard time enjoying it by car. Also there isn’t much parking. Funny enough there is plenty of bike parking but racks can get full. This is  not a problem if you can get creative.

One of the best things about Portland is that late night bike rides can be a date and a really good one. My bike has taken me to many adventures and to a few enjoyable rendezvous. This poem is inspired by one of those rendezvous and is my most resent piece.


Goodnight Midnight Riders

by Stevie Elepan

Goodnight moonlight lovers

your romp in the forest comes to an end

off into the shadows you flee with scraps of night left over

running home to warm beds

and the absence of all light

tucked away under sheets

the scent of down

hidden form the sun

you embrace one another

off you go on your bikes

to your caves and burrows

to your perches and outcroppings

fast as deer and wolves

goodnight midnight riders


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